Mutant Devolution

by Scythe Saga Collective

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kmxexii Another action-packed vignette. Jon's exotic guitar flourishes aren't quite as prevalent, mainly in the middle of the title track, but he still excercises his shred sorcery. H&S's "Blood Run" may be my favorite with its bongo-fueled outrun, but it's hard to pick with tracks like the high adventure of KillStar's "Zu-Rakeen" and the long buildup of P101's "Wall of Rot". "Legacy" closes with a hypnotic groove, but the author's interjection yanks me out of the album's story. Still, very cool stuff. Favorite track: Blood Run.


Paragon has been assaulted from the outside and from within. The Meganet cyborgs gained sentience on their own accord and revolted, as the civilians of Donovan City staged a rebellion. The survivors of Paragon's Corporate Headquarters and Research Facility escaped in a truck convoy. They travel south, beyond the Wall of Rot, in a desperate bid through the Deserts of Zu-Rakeen.

The desert is home to various cannibal tribes, who regularly prey on the Sabit citizens Paragon secretively banish to the deserts. The tribes are united under the rule of the Specter City Slasher - their new king. When the convoy reaches the foot of Death Canyon, Slasher's cannibal army attacks. Most of the convoy manages to escape, but the cannibals manage to capture a weapons cache truck and two trucks filled with volatile substances, chemicals, viruses, and other means of biological warfare.

The cannibals mistakenly release a toxin that causes horrific mutations. They now must flee their home, the Decaying Keep, and attempt to scale the Wall of Rot to escape the mutants. Slasher leads his cannibal army back into civilized Sabit, but he does not realize the horrors of the Impaled that lay beyond.


released November 12, 2014

Bixby Snyder


Protector 101

Ed Harbinger

Jon of the Shred

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