Ecliptic Prophecy

by Jon of the Shred

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Miles Lecassette
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Miles Lecassette Honestly one of the finest releases of 2016 from kickass guitarist Jon Reilly, legend has it the riffs and kicks can still be heard throughout the stars and universes to this day.
-Miles Favorite track: The Dark Cabal.


A Paragon intern and accomplished hacker by the code-name Enigma mistakenly stumbles upon a database of classified information. The revelations found within are society shattering. Paragon has covered up and lied about nearly every aspect of their technology, intentions, and influence on Scythe.....and beyond.

Paragon infiltrating the Scythian government? Hiding technology from the general public such as space travel and advanced weaponry? And the most astounding of all, life on other planets?

Enigma immediately hacks into the database, copying the information over to one of his hacking devices. But strange things start happening around him - people around him disappearing or winding up dead in strange circumstances, mysterious people seemingly stalking him and keeping an eye on him. Every attempt to reach out to the media, just another dead end.

Will Enigma be able to blow the whistle on Paragorn? Or will he become another casualty of the corporate monolith, disappearing without a trace over the Wall of Rot or worse, winding up dead?


released September 13, 2016

Composed, Performed, Produced, and Mastered by Jon of the Shred

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Scythe Saga Boston, Massachusetts

Fans of synthwave / darkwave / outrun / prog rock / symphonic metal / psytrance / dreamwave / horror & many other genres will enjoy our immersive universe and cinematic music.

The Scythe Saga is a series of concept albums and compilations, most of which tied together in the same universe.

Welcome to the Scythe Universe!

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