Circuit Board Lunacy

by Jon of the Shred

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kmxexii Jon rocks it out, giving his riffs and arrangements some room to build atmosphere and layering on even more cyber elements. "Dissent" tells a great story, switching between the super badass guitar riff of the citizens and the mechanical march of the Paragon corp. "Circuit Board Lunacy" features a duel between a fleshy organ and a digital synthesizer. "Resistance" moves from gravity to darkstroll to outrun before fading out. "Mourn" works as a solemn celebration. Thanks for super cool album, Jon! Favorite track: Dissent.


A year has passed since the Apocalyptic Dawn. Paragon have fortified a safe zone within Donovan City. It encompasses a large chunk of residential areas as well as their corporate headquarters and research facility.

Civilians have two choices - to live outside the safe zone walls in the shadows of the Impaled, or live under Paragon's rule. Unrest grows as the civilians feel more like slaves than citizens. They mockingly call the safe zone "Camp Terror" due to horrible living conditions. Paragon employees and personnel are given favor with a surplus of rations, medicine, miscellaneous resources, and housing. The civilians get the crumbs of their meals.

A rebel group is formed called the Scythian Resistance. The resistance rallies the civilians behind them. They set a night for their rebellion. But mere hours before they can hatch their plan, the Meganet cyborgs deep within the Paragon laboratory gain sentience under mysterious circumstances. They turn on their creators, lead by the 12 Elites. Chaos reigns as Paragon are caught between the cyborgs and the resistance...ultimately both their own creations.


released February 28, 2014

Composed, Performed, Produced, and Mastered by Jon of the Shred

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The Scythe Saga is a series of concept albums and compilations, most of which tied together in the same universe.

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